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Why Bespoke?


For us, “just fine” is a failure. When you get a BESPOKE SUIT, you’re buying a piece of clothing that will feel like a second skin – only better. Ain’t we all thrive for the Best Made to Measure Suits? BESPOKE SUITS not only fit perfectly to the particular contours of your body, they also accentuate your best features while masking the ones that you’d prefer to keep hidden. Your passion for sumptuous and finest fabrics will end at made to measure clothes online.
We can do this because we design the MENS SUIT specifically for your body. You’ll never be able to get that with an off-the-rack men’s suit, and anyone who says otherwise is just flat-out lying.
Custom Tailoring is preferred by the men of utmost valor & confidence for honest reasons; clothes are customized to smallest details & reflect a person’s charisma. The fact that one can get his custom made blazer, tuxedo, tailored double breasted suits & 3 piece suit stitched from the finest fabrics is absolutely beguiling.
Need custom made clothes for an upcoming meeting or a wedding maybe? The online tailoring service is the one-stop solution. Contact for the perfectly lined & fitted hand made customized jackets, three piece suits, custom made suits & shirts.

Your Design, We deliver

Providing you with maximum level of comfort & confidence in every suit!

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Custom Tailoring : The Artistry of Expert Clothiers

This section gives a detailed insight into the techniques employed by our clothiers to provide you that desired perfect fit & style. Please watch our videos for a better understanding of our work.

I have bought my suits, shirts and jackets from them for nearly 10 years and do not shop these items anywhere else anymore. They are great to work with and the quality matches - or is better than my expensive Italian suits.

This company was recommended to me as a tailor and I have been extremely pleased with their work. Over the last three years or so he must have made ten to fifteen suits for me and I have also referred him to friends and colleagues. They have all been extremely pleased with the suits he has provided. He comes to the office, takes measurements there, and the suits are made in Hong Kong and sent directly to you. The quality is excellent and the service extremely pleasant and reliable. Highly recommended.

They have taken very much time and effort to explain to me how he can help me with shirts and suits, showing many kinds of fabrics and designs. They explained the features in great details and on measures and personal wishes. I have now received my first order of shirts and I am very satisfied with the quality.

If you are in need of tailor made suits or shirts, JustBespoken is the best pick in the Benelux and greater Region.

JustBespoken Online Tailoring service was recommended to me by my colleague. From last 3 years, I have been availing their tailoring service to get my custom made suits & I am extremely pleased with their work. Excellent Quality & Reliable Service! Highly recommended!

I have bought all my suits, shirts and jackets from JustBespoken for nearly 5 years. I do not shop these items anywhere else anymore. It is a reliable online tailoring service. I would recommend its service to anyone looking for quality customized suits.

Mr. Vaswani offers an outstanding tailoring service. His team of expert clothiers has proved to be reliable for years!

Over the past 4 years, I have bought many customized shirts & suits from JustBespoken. And trust me; I have not been disappointed even once. Mr. Vaswani & his team provide a fantastic tailoring service.

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