Bespoke Suits – A Salute to Alpha History!

Bespoke Suits – A Salute to Alpha History!

Ever Since the man first applauded himself with the skin of a laniferous mammoth, fashion and style have been the cultural engrossments. All Major ancient civilizations, kingdoms & dynasties had thrived for one thing in common: Flaunt the then available dresses! The thirst to be distinctive has always defined the true leader! For all those new age men who are born leaders, bespoke suit online provides a touch of grandeur & style.

The intricacies of perfectly tailored suits hold their origin from the Western world. Time and Fashion have always left a deep mark on the history! At the beginning of the 19th century, well-heeled & affluent gents wore coats with tails, silk stockings, knee breaches and the worst of all, add-on powdered wigs! Fashion as we know it today, has even danced with the devil!

However, exquisitely tailored & adorned styled suits are still at the peak of men’s wear. Check out latest alluring & enthralling made to measure suits that personalize your garment to the smallest detail.

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Cyclic Fashion:

Fashion is cyclic. The concept of “newness” in fashion does not refer to the launch of a trend, but rather its revival. The trendy outfit that you see today has been freshly revived with a twist in the trends borrowed from the decades preceding it.

In the same way, loopy lines of tailoring history of suits tend to evolve & repeat! The contemporary era is illustrated by made to measure suits & personalization.


The first traces of men’s suiting hold its origin from as far back as 1600s. The simplified & sartorial elegance of suit was established by English King Charles II who was the leading style icon of the era. He implemented a strict public dress code & decreed that English Court men would wear a long coat, waistcoat, cravat, a wig, knee breeches and a hat.


The early English influence continued till 1800s. Men were no longer seen wearing fancy fabrics & trimmings. Gradually, men’s fashion moved towards restrained & conservative costumes under the sway of Beau Brummell, a noted British Boulevardier. Short-fronted tailcoats, fitted waistcoats, plain white linen shirts, tight-fitted pantaloons & intricately tied, white linen neck clothes set the fashion tone for the rest of the century.

Each article of clothing was flawlessly made. The costumes were coupled with various accessories such as canes, pocket watches & quizzing glasses.

Menswear game was changed forever with the introduction of frock coat and morning coats that were worn with full length trousers – which eventually become the suits we know today.


The three-piece suits became prevalent in the 1900s. The suits were then defined by dark colors, sturdy fabrics & heavy woolens. Fashion-forward cities like Paris & London added a little more flair to suits like High-button stances, slim lapels, and high paper shirt collars.

The heavy-embellished suits accompanied with colorful shirts, ties, & accessories like tie-pins & tie-bars boozed-up the vibes of roaring 1920s. The suits elaborated the wealth & represented the jazz harbinger of the times. High-waist baggy pants, jackets brought about turn-of-the-century tailoring & directly affected the way men wear suit now.

Since change is the only constant thing in the world, the evolution of men’s suit and rise & fall in its popularity has contributed in molding the fashion we are acquainted with today!

The modern suit is defined by matching coat & pair of trousers that accented from constant experimentation & adopted style moves.

Now you can explore made to measure clothes online that prioritize style, comfort & elegance.

For a man of utmost valor and confidence, fashion & style comes engulfed in the form of a bespoke suit.

Bespoke Suit! The Choice of the Alpha!

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