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What is bespoken?

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Fashion is soul-less without style and what is style you ask? It’s all about a distinctive appearance, as distinctive as you are. This has been Bespoken’s philosophy since 1999 for tailor made suits for men Dubai. Our online tailoring service took time & care selecting the finest fabrics to perfect the flawless fit for the man who takes pride in his style. We have labored over the minutest of details to create the most impeccable line of clothing. For the impeccable man: YOU.

Our formula to build better (we’d say elite) made to measure suits brand of menswear is based on a simple formula: exquisite fabrics married with the sharpest Italian cuts and finished in an individualist fit. We manage every stage of the manufacturing process; think Cashmere goats grazing on cool Kashmiri hills and their beautifully soft undercoat of fine wool, a product 3 times more insulating than sheep wool. That’s what your suit will be made of if you so choose, and nothing else. Think of running your hands on the silk like buttery smoothness of Mohair, we like it and we know you will too. There is no blend, only the purest raw materials; our master tailors in Dubai will not have it any other way.

We frequently travel to central Europe and Scandinavia so let us come to you. Forget the dull fitting rooms in faceless shops. Forgo limited choices and throw away any reservations that you may have had around fashion. Let us take those limits away; let us bring your style to your doorsteps. Try made to measure bespoke suit Dubai today!

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