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A Bespoke Suit is all that the new age men need to create a myriad of beguiling looks. By experimenting & mismatching, you not only look elegant but add a touch of creativity to your mien.

To help you create an exquisite presence, we have curated a definitive guide that will help you mix & match your suits and spice up your personality to look fresh every day. You may also consider contacting men’s tailor in Dubai to get that perfect made to measure suit. Get the privilege of customizing it to the smallest details.

Mix and Match Suits

Mix & Match Suits

Perhaps the best thing about men’s clothing is its versatility. This astounding feature is conclusive of experimenting with colors & textures, mixing & matching for jazzing up a man’s personality according to the occasion & the list goes on! The feature of adaptability is not only a blessing that blokes cherish to the utmost, but also economical & practical.

The Classic Checkered Suit:

The patterned checked suit is the first port of call for a man who needs that perfect look for the weekend. It brings a breath of fresh air to tailoring. This timeless piece of clothing for men is lauded for dancing with modern colors & becoming a staple of men’s bespoke fashion world today.

Plaid suiting or checkered suit family constitutes of various types of checks, namely–

  • the tartan
  • the blackwatch
  • the Gingham
  • the windowpane
  • the Prince of Wales
  • the Madras

You may opt for blue check suit, grey check suit, black check suit or brown check suit to nail that perfect weekend look.

Classic Checkered Suit

How to Put on Checkered Suit for Men?

The Check Suit for men is an enthralling style statement. While a grey Prince of Wales check suit or a navy suit in Gingham makes a perfect suit for work, bolder windowpane & tartans make for an ideal dapper summer suit.

To keep donning the checkered suit subtle, ensure the outfit is quiet & clashing patterns are not mixed.

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Black Suits:

The men’s fashion world is obsessed with the old & bold, a well-tailored black suit. Typically, the black tailored suit is like a lighthouse among the sea of navy, grey & beige suits.

The timeless & elegant black suit for men looks great regardless of the season. Be it office, wedding, first-date or a weekend party, black suit is an incredible piece of clothing to get all heads turning.

To get a customized & dazzling black suit, all you need to do is to contact a Men’s tailor in Dubai & get your appointment booked.

Bespoke Black Suit

How to Wear a Black Tailored Suit?

An all black tailored suit looks sharp & slick. To nail donning it perfectly, pair it up with a classic white dress shirt, a bow-tie or a long tie in woven silk.

Accessorize the black suit with silver tie pins, lapel pins in rose gold or brass in order to add warmth to your monochromatic palette. Use pearly cufflinks to add a touch of sophistication & old-world charm to your mien.

In case you are not into ties, wear an open neck button shirt with black suit. Get a neckerchief, tie it in a loose knot around the neck & tuck the loose ends of the scarf into the shirt. Finish the all black suit formal look with a pair of smart black dress shoes. Get the desired recognition & leave a first good impression on your business partners.

The Colored Suit:

Bold Colored Suits & Tailoring have played a vital role in framing the modern day men’s suiting. Gone are the days when navy blue & grey were the only available colors.

Fringe colors such as Pink, purple & yellow are much more acceptable to incorporate these days.

Bold Colored Suits are suitable for men who typically shy away from the colors such as teal & burgundy. They work perfectly with light denim shirts & white sneakers.

Custom Made Colored Suit

How to wear Colored Suits?

When planning to don colored suits, consider sticking to the staple colors first such as navy, charcoal & neutrals. These sartorial staples are enduring, timeless, versatile & immune to modern-day trends. These foundational colors can be contrasted with much bolder & on-trend colors.

These can be worn in both, summers & winters, & hence keeping the tradition afloat year round. While cooler & neutral tones work better during summers & make sun tolerable, darker colors retain heat, hence are perfect to be worn in winters.

What’s holding you back from donning that bold colored suit & nailing that charming look? Contact bespoke men’s tailors in Dubai today to get online colored suits for men stitched in few simple steps.

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