Cuff Designs – To add Style & Details to Bespoke Shirts

Men often tend to brood over picking a perfect made to measure suit or ordering Bespoke Suits online that they overlook the importance of other accessories. Purchasing a designer suit doesn’t complete the formal look.

Accessorizing appropriately plays a significant role in dressing if you desire to stand out of the crowd. Paying attention to the smallest details can make an intriguing difference to you overall appearance & help you create an exquisite presence, regardless of the occasion.

Imagine wearing that perfect shirt and still you missed that lighthouse look of the most beautiful woman in the room! What was missing? Studies show that opulent women are attracted to made to measure shirts and this attraction increases exponentially with the perfect cuff designs!

Cuff Designs! The perfect media to showcase the true persona of an Alpha!

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Importance of Bespoke Shirts with Cuff Designs while donning with Bespoke Suits

Cuffs play a significant role in imparting a unique elegance to the bespoke shirts. When worn under a well-tailored custom made jackets/suits, the unique & sophisticated cuff designs not only spruce up your look but also add a touch of glamour & mastery.

The cuffs of bespoke shirts are meant to be securely fastened as they are purposely extended a bit farther than the sleeves of a bespoke suit.
Not to forget, the cuffs are the visible parts of the shirt when worn under a suit, apart from the collars. They may seem unimportant to many souls. For a true Alpha Male who knows how to dominate his presence in the party, they are a must!

Types of Bespoke Shirts Cuff Design:

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Cuff Designs for a Bespoke Shirt, typically, come down to a personal choice. Each of the designs reflect their own unique style & add grace to your mien.

If you are wondering when to wear a particular cuff design, worry not! We have got you covered! Read on to know about the bespoke shirts cuff design & how to wear them.

While a myriad of cuff designs are available, these are distinguished into three general categories, namely, French Cuffs, Button Cuffs & Turnback Cuffs.

French Cuffs : French cuffs are considered as the most elegant & snappy cuff design. Also identified as the double cuffs, French cuffs are twice as long as button cuffs & best suited for formal & special occasions. The French cuffs are usually kept around quarter inch extended farther than the bespoke suit & fastened together with cufflinks or silk knots.

Varied types of cufflinks & fastening styles for French Cuffs are available in the market; however some of the prevalent cufflink styles include Silk Knots, Bullet Back Closures, Onyx Studs, Ball Return and Whale Back Closures.

Button Cuffs : Also known as Barrel Cuffs, button cuffs are one of the most common types of Bespoke Shirts’ Cuffs. Just as the name suggests, barrel cuffs include buttons. While one side of the cuff has button-holes, the other has buttons- ranging from one or more (two) buttons to make the fit flexible. Since they aren’t too ritzy, they are a great wear for office & business gatherings.

Turnback Cuffs : Turnback cuffs, also known as cocktail cuffs are evocative of French Cuffs. However, buttons are used to fasten the cuffs, instead of cufflinks. These cuffs feature double length & barreled cuff that are folded back, hence imparting a unique & detailed look to the wearer.

Bespoke Shirts with turnback cuffs can be enhanced with a contrast fabric & serve as a great wear for work & casual occasions.

The difference a cuff design can add to your relatively simple Bespoke Shirt is just amazing. A custom made shirt certainly makes a strong style statement about a man, however to be remembered revamp your Bespoke shirts with cuff designs.

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