Custom made jackets | the latest trend in clothing

The Occasion has arrived! Does it need a new jacket? Well, the odds of you carrying a unique look lie in the type of clothes you wear. This is too obvious, Right? But, do you ever felt a need to go for custom-made jackets, No! Then you must try getting a custom made jacket.

People believe that the custom made jackets are old school. Well, you have to agree to disagree as the custom-made Jackets are the evolved from the old school jackets. It isn’t just a myth! It is the reality! Tailors have given their talents new definitions as they have adapted to the contemporary fashion styles.

The Two Different Styles!

The Custom made jackets can be for both regular suits as well as tuxedos. The jackets for regular suit come with a simple design and in three different lapel patterns that are with notches, without notches and with peaks (facing upwards). These patterns are worn according to the occasion.

The one without notches (Shawl lapels) looks more decent as it has only one single lace around it. But, it’s liked by gentlemen for business and official meets or charity events.

For parties you require the one with the peaks! It has high-raised peaks in upward direction instead of a notch. The coat also has an elegantly regal look that makes it suitable for royal events or in close family events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc. it is often worn to show authority.

The third type is the one which can be termed as the ‘most-common’ among the three. And, it is liked by most of the men for all sort of events be it weddings, official meetings, parties, gala events or a serious event, one resembling to a funeral. This quality of the suit makes it popular and the best sellers from tailors who have corporate clientele.

The custom made jackets for tuxedos fit the silhouette in a perfect way displaying a V-shaped upper body stature.

The single and double breasted coats may also change your approach towards the way you think its old school and contains less styling options.

Now these custom made jackets are mostly appropriate for the formal or dignitary events, so, you may also go for the part that says ‘design your own jacket’. Though the tailors sew according to the desired design by their customer, still you can always decide the entire look of your jacket/suit.

And, lastly, if you have a thing for traditional jackets opt for one and shine with custom made sports jackets. The uniqueness of these jackets solely comes from the tailor’s matchless art. This art though changes with time but the signature handling of the fabric goes on forever.

Other major changes that you may witness in the making of different coats are the way the sleeves are designed and how the buttoning has been done. It is obviously in the best interests of the tailor to deliver a product that fits you as well as your design guidelines.

So, one should look good often! Hurry up! Grab the best tailor, design and fabric, and gift yourself a brand new Custom made Jacket.

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