Why Custom Made Overcoats are Ruling Men’s Winter Fashion

Winter, the season of “outside” of fashion circles has almost arrived! No doubt it is also lauded as the Big Coats season. And, probably one of the best ways to galvanize your personality this season is to get few custom made overcoats stitched.

While long overcoat has been one of the staple wears of men’s winter fashion, there are conflicts about the time of emergence of these menswear pieces. A plethora of online sources record year 1772 to be the year of invention of overcoats, however, other accounts claim early 19th century was the time when long coat for men came into being.

Regardless of the conflicts, these dressier jackets gained popularity as a formal piece of outwear for men in the late 18th Century. Since then, it has continued to reign the men’s bespoke fashion world.

Getting a New Overcoat?

Are you planning to get yourself a bespoke overcoat this winter? You might have estimated the cost, but you’re still going muddle-head with the long array of big coat types to choose from. Various questions like “what kind of coat should I go for” & “what should I pair the overcoat with” might be resounding in your mind. And terms such as topcoat, overcoat & greatcoat might be making your situation baffling.


Bespoke Winter Coats


Don’t worry! We have got you covered. To sum up, the difference in the men’s coats mentioned above pertain to weight, style & legacy associated with them.

  • An overcoat is a long knee-length coat that is typically worn over other attires so as to protect against winter/cold weather.
  • A topcoat refers to a light-weight winter overcoat, which is usually worn till the knee-length.
  • A greatcoat, also known as watch coat, is a large overcoat that hangs below the knees. These large bulky overcoats have a military history from the 19th

Understanding this distinction, especially when you order a bespoke overcoat online is crucial. This way you can not only save spending your hard-earned money in shipping charges, but also avoid getting disappointed.

Here are some of the tips & tricks that would certainly help you in getting the desired long winter coat for yourself.

Things to Consider while buying Custom Made Overcoats


Traditional Overcoat for Men


Overcoat for Men is a long-sleeved coat that is made from heavy fabric such as wool. It typically has a single vent at the back & can be either single-breasted or double-breasted.

This big dressier jacket is worn over other attires, especially to keep warm & provide protection against harsh climatic conditions.

So, if you are planning to invest in custom made overcoats this winter, here is a list of few key-points that you must consider in order to get that perfect galvanized winter look.

1). Know the Type: A good understanding of styles of overcoats will help you to be more specific while placing an order for fashion overcoats online. The various types of overcoats are mentioned below:


Tailored Long Overcoat


  • Chesterfield: Known as the very first overcoat of its kind, this overcoat features short lapel, straight side pockets, single back vent & single-breasted fly front. It does not possess waist seams & cuffs.
  • Covert Coat: Designed for hunting & outdoor purposes, covert coat appears similar to Chesterfield. It features notched lapels, center vent, single-breasted with a fly front & a poacher’s pocket.
  • Trench Coat: Trench Coat is timeless long coat was invented in the trenches of World War 1. Designed for casual purposes, this loose coat features epaulets & a belt.
  • Paletot: Originally a fairly fitted coat, Paletot is now considered as a classic business overcoat. These Double-breasted overcoats feature peaked lapels, flat back & 6×2 Button Arrangement.

Well, the list of overcoats types does not end here! Few other types include polo coat, Ulster, crombie, duffel coat & guards’ coat.

Once you know the intended log coat style, you are ready to move to the next step.

2). Choose the Fabric: Fabric is one of the most important factors if you are planning to wear the overcoat for years to come! Overcoats made from good fabric not only keep you warm but also make your garment endure!


Fabrics for bespoke overcoat


Some of the top-notch fabrics that you can choose from include worsted wool, wool flannel, leather, waxed cotton, tweed, gabardine & Ventile.

3). Get the overcoat long: While a topcoat ends just before the knee, an overcoat is meant to be long. It could go couple of inches below the knee-length.

The notion of having a long overcoat is often taken as an old-fashioned rule. However, it is considered both stylish & practical by the aficionados & fashionistas.

4). Keep it traditional (the color & the look): If you are planning to invest in more than 2 overcoats, being conservative with color of the fabric is vital!

For formal purposes, you may go for either navy blue or charcoal color, while for the casual occasions; you may opt for paler grey shades.

Well-fitted custom made overcoats look the best when double-breasted. Avoid getting single-breasted overcoat while you have the option to go for double-breasted long coats for winters.

5). Get the coat Bespoke: If you hanker for admiration; expect to be received delightfully in parties & business meetings & make a good impression on your first date, the key is to get your overcoat customized.


bespoke overcoat


The best part – you get to customize your overcoat & choose the key-features such as color, fabric, buttons, pockets, collars design & cuffs design.

No words will ever be able to explain the unique & originality imparted by a bespoke overcoat. The fantastic fit, recognizable details & elegant fabric will help you create your exquisite & subtle presence.

Need an overcoat? What’s holding you back then? Contact an online tailoring service in Dubai & get your lavish bespoke overcoat stitched online.

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