Glamorous Bow-Ties: Carving Fashion!

No male fashion accessory inflames as much excitement as the bow-tie does. People who wear bow-ties go head over heels for them & prefer them all through their lives. A man in bow-tie radiates both- confidence & elegance. A bow-tie proclaims scholarly & creativity, and sometimes it adorns technical sagacity. There’s no sharper way to step-out than with a well-chosen & embolden bow-tie. Wearing a bow-tie, makes you stand out of the crowd!

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Stereotypes of bespoke Bow-ties:

Bow Ties are known to have associated with particular fields, such as architects, collectors, professors, waiters, politicians and peculiarly by pediatricians, since the infants cannot grab them. Clowns often flaunt an oversized bow-tie because of its comic effect.

Bow-ties robustly hold universal inclusion in traditional formal attire, that’s the reason they are prominently correlated with weddings, formal functions, dinner & cocktail parties.

bespoken bow tie

Bow-ties are Machiavellian as they transmit strong ramifications. They look fastidious & convey instant signs of weirdo. No wonder they are remarkably worn by magicians too.

Primarily, a bow-tie beams an aggressive lack of interest for what other people think about you. So next time you wear a bow-tie with your made to measure suit, walk with pride & just say this to yourself- Who Cares What Others Think!

The introduction and the rise & fall in the popularity of bow ties have helped in shaping the Fashion on & off!

Intriguing History of Custom Made Bespoke Suits Bow Ties:

Bows originated during the Prussian wars of the 17thcentury when the Croatian mercenaries used to hold together the collars of the shirts with a scarf. It was soon adopted by the first estate of Clergy in France under the name cravat (bow-tie’s precursor), became a fashion norm and showed remarkable boom in 18th and 19th centuries.

In the 19th century, the weaving machines began to produce more colored fabrics for the bow-ties. Clubs, societies, military and sports groups would use different colored & striped bow-ties to identify themselves. The variations in the neckties & the number of knots employed in the mid 19th century gave way to the modern bow-tie as we know it today.

Since the 20th century, Bow-ties have notably occupied an alcove in men’s fashion accessories. It dominated the male fashion’s accessories spectrum & people began to wear it with suits in order to convey a more dressed up & formal image, whether in social or business venues.

Glamorous Bow Ties for men

Interesting Facts about Three Piece Suits Bow Ties:

  • Grabatologist is the term given to a person who likes to collect ties.
  • Bow ties are for the smart-minded! Well, the history has shown that highly regarded writers, politicians and scientists have cherished a bit of bow tie adorning. Some prominent ones include: Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein & Winston Churchill.
  • The most expensive bow tie ever made cost around $220,000.
  • The size of a typical bow can approximately range from 14 to 19 inches; however traditional bow ties are usually of a fixed length. The three types of bow tie include Pre-tie, Self-tie and Clip-on.
  • Bow Ties are used as Corporate Identities. The beer company Budweiser introduced a bowtie-shaped can in 2013 as a tribute to its logo. Other major companies that incorporate bow-ties in their logo include: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Playboy Enterprises, Chevrolet and Pringles!

Bow-ties have uniquely made their robust significance for phenomenal music icons & celebrities all over the world have incorporated the bow-tie in their everyday style. The dazzling charisma makes the bowties simply elegant in bespoke suit online!

So, next time you match a bow-tie with your made to measure suit, ponder on that wonderful history for a moment, which is encased in a bit of cloth from the Croatian mercenaries of the 17th century.

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