Hand made suits are more ornate than machine-made suits | a brief comparison

Anything that falls in the category of ‘The best and the most expensive’ is often termed as hand-made suits. As it showcases unique appearance along with the skill and talent of the Tailor. Apart from being expensive, it is always unique. This uniqueness is because of the imperfection in a man made suit i.e. no bespoke suit can be same, that is opposite in case of the machine-made suits. The reason is the consistency of a machine to produce exactly similar products with least error or deformity possible.

Use of different types of Suit stitching in Dubai makes the made to measure suits unique and appealing.

Why the Latter loses the race in being the best?

Whenever, we visit a super market or so… we always hear salesmen referring to the expensive clothes as “hand-made”. These garbs have more to them than just the expensive price tags, which is the talent and the skill passed on to generations. Every minute detailing in its design symbolizes the art of the discoverer. These scrupulously designed articles exhibit such a grace and elegance that the machine made garbs lack.

It breaks all the time-barriers! How? Well the passed on heritage skill remains unchanged even after the craftsmen have been succeeded and the quality carries on for centuries along with a pinch of added-on innovative skills along the route of time.

Even though the skills remain same, there is always some improvement in them as the time passes. The machine made clothes are made in less time than the hand-made but when observed closely it is concluded that the finishing from machine remains abrupt as compared to bespoke suit.

hand made suits for men

In the extension of the comparison, there are quite a few fields in which the machine made clothes fall behind like:

  • The foremost reason is the customization options available in the ready-made suits- NONE!
  • You have to go with the available designs in the market that are obviously not according to your want.
  • The machine designs are standards.

They cannot be adjusted as per your silhouette. While in case of hand-made suits, the size is made to fit you perfectly always.

  • The quality of the fabric does not remain same every time.
  • The sizes in the ready to wear suits vary with change in Brands, country and the apparel.

Below are some important aspects that make the bespoke suits more posh-

Material : This aspect is not related with the fabric of the suit whereas it is the inside material- canvas, that deciding the fitting stature. The hand-made suits mostly contain full length canvas that is placed in the interlining of the fabric and the inner cloth. The stiffness of the machine made suit is lost as the time passes.On the contrary, the canvas in a bespoke suit gets better with time. It molds itself according to your silhouette and never wears-off even if the suit gets old.

Stitching : The stitching of a bespoken suit must be finished properly with no thread strands popping out of the stitches. Secondly at the seams hand-made clothes contain stitches in a cross pattern (Zig-Zag) that allows more room while movement. In machine made apparels especially jackets puckered marks appear with movements.

Holes : This aspect relates itself with button holes on both front-side and sleeve-side of the shirts, jackets and blazers. The clean finished button holes with no thread-strands are comfortably used and exhibit no difficulty while inserting buttons.


tailored jackets and blazer

Lastly, the mastery of the tailor is what matters. You may often find tailors mentioning themselves as master tailors with massive experience in the field. It is the prolongation of the art passed on to them by their predecessors or teachers that states them as ‘masters’. The finish that is attained by the tailor is unwatchable to any machine made cloth. Maybe it’s the experience or it’s the heritage, who can tell? Still the grace of the bespoken suit remains same for years.

The last aspect in which the bespoke suits are better than the machine-made suits is the “fit”. Machine made suits are carved out of the standard fits taken as a reference but there will always be a hint of dissatisfaction. The Hand-made apparels win on this ground as well where they can be made exactly according to the stature of the gentleman.

Hence it is clear that the hand-made suits are handier than the machine made suits.

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