How to Dress up from looking drab to Fab

The intricacies of dressing smart & sharp for different occasions can turn out to be confusing & boring. Donning suits from your wardrobe day after day becomes repetitive & hence leads to monotony.

Therefore, made to measure clothes online has brought you the tips & tricks to perk up your suits without lightening your wallets. You can spruce up your look with ostentatious vogue & glamour of accessories that offer color, vibrancy & playfulness to your custom made jackets or blazer.

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Well-tailored made to measure suits when accompanied with correct accessories can help you steal the show & create an exquisite presence, irrespective of the occasion.

How to Don a Wedding Suit in an Elegant Way

Wedding is often defined as “the happiest day”,”the biggest day”, “the most important day” in one’s life. We suggest wedding day should also be “the best-dressed day”.

Choosing appropriate wedding attire can be hard to get right, thus we have summarized some tips on dressing apt on that special day.

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Choose a wedding outfit: Decide what to wear to a wedding, made to measure suits or tuxedos. Both are decent as each one gives off a different vibe & finish to your look.

Adorn the Outfit with Accessories: Put on accessories like tie, watch, cufflinks, pocket square & lapel pins as these smallest details can make a huge difference to your wedding attire.

Wedding Day Shoes: Simplicity is the key here. Go for a classic Black or Brown patent leather lace-up shoes, velvet loafers that complement your suit’s fabric. Ensure they are well-shined & match your belt.

How to Dress for Business Meetings

A mere mention of a formal occasion or a meeting with the clients can make you end up hunting for your made to measure suit. However, we’d suggest you to relax as made to measure clothes online is here at your rescue.

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Nothing compares to the aesthetic, comfort & elegance offered by a well-tailored made to measure suit, irrespective of the occasion it is worn on. Yes, a tailored suit can be worn to business meetings as well.

A well fitted, clean & pressed suit that complements your figure, offers a sharper & handsome look that endures!

If you want to grab everyone’s attention at any event, ensure that:

  • The suit fits you perfectly
  • You have well-groomed hair & nails
  • Your shoes are polished
  • You choose classic & not trendy outfits

In case you want to be efficient at the workplace in a splendid relaxed dress code, you can match your jeans with a well-tailored custom made blazer. Ensure the blazer is the perfect fit. The jeans coupled with blazer should be slim fit & of a dark tone like navy blue or black. You can match anything from monk shoes to brogues with this look.

Five Alluring Ways to Accessorize your Made to Measure Suits

Made to measure online has hand-picked certain stylish accessories that can lead the way for hues, dazzle & flambyoance to your custom made men’s blazers or suits.


An Elegant Watch: Wearing a wristwatch is one of the efficacious ways to galvanize your made to mesaure suit. Select a gorgeous piece keeping in consideration the occasion. An understated piece would be perfect for business occasions, however a big watch or a pocket watch will astoundingly complement formal attires.


Add Stunning Patterns: Adding Patterns to attire helps you stand out of the crowd! Match your simple suit with rich colored patterned tie or a shirt. Donning a bold-patterned shirt or pairing a monochromatic shirt with phenomenal patterned tie will spice up your appearance!

shoesStatement Shoes: Bring your Panache to the fore by harmonizing your made to measure suit with a pair of statement shoes. Wearing a bold pair that showoffs prints, colors & patterns can keep your outfit classic & embellish your overall look.


Unique Lapel-Pins: Add some extra flair to your suit with unique lapel pins, a classic dapper accessory. They radiate the wearer’s affiliation with some organization. They can instantly dress up your suit by lending style, vibrancy to your attire.


Stylish Leather Bag: Wearing a made to mesaure suit or a custom made blazer doesn’t mean you’re struck with an old-fashioned briefcase. Choose a vougish leather bag with a simple design & in a neutral color to match your wardrobe. Wear it on your shoulder or across the body.

Finding the key to dress codes & putting the “perfect” outfit together can be confouning. However, you need not look any further. The experts at our online tailoring service are always on their knees to help you suit up to excellence, irrespective of the occasion.

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