Custom Made Jackets

Custom sports Jackets, the least formal attire, are derived from old tweed coats that were traditionally worn when hunting or participating in other “sporting” activities. A bit sturdier than the custom made men’s blazers and suit jacket, a bespoke sports jacket retains aspects influenced by its rustic predecessor, even in contemporary fashion. Also, custom made sports jackets are frequently patterned and feature more eye-catching designs and can be worn easily with jeans or unmatched pants.

Custom made men’s Blazers, however, are dressier than sport jacket but not as formal as suit jackets. Traditionally, a blazer is wool, blue with a pocket, and has distinct silver or gold buttons. However, this “tradition” has receded over time, with men opting for cotton varieties and blazers without the customary buttons. Typically Blazers are worn and best matched with medium grey color trouser for winter and beige color trouser for summer.

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