Embellish your looks with the Humble yet Elegant Pocket Squares

Often men ponder too much in picking out a right suit or ordering made to measure clothes online that they overlook the importance of additional accessories. They don’t realize the fact that the complete formal look doesn’t just end with the purchase of a designer suit.

Perfectly accessorizing head to toe is of utmost importance if you aspire to not just stand out, but be remembered. Irrespective of how amazing your suit looks, paying attention to the smallest details makes a world of a difference.

Forgetting to accessorize properly is like eating dinner without getting a dessert.

If custom made jackets or suits are the eldest siblings in the garment family, pocket squares are the younger children that have emerged as the perfect fashion accessory for the well heeled man.

A pocket square can break or make an outfit.

The concept of pocket square may appear a little weird.

It’s not peculiar to wonder how a functionally useless piece of fabric nested inside your pocket could be deemed as a style icon. But the fact is – What a pair of heels is to ladies, a pocket square is to a gentleman. Both tend to draw the attention of an onlooker while accentuating overall appearance. Adoring Pocket square right instantly adds a splash of flair and panache with minimal efforts.

This tiny accessory has become ubiquitous over the last few years with international celebrities donning pocket squares for their red carpet appearances. The pocket square has evolved over the years going from serving a more utilitarian purpose into a fun & experimental one.

Irrespective of whether you are a pocket square connoisseur or just a dabbler in menswear trends, the etiquette of adoring this accessory can admittedly a bit of a sartorial minefield. Though you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pull it off, the art of wearing it still stands out enough to catch the eye & have heads turning.

The breast pocket lining of each Custom made sports jackets can be pulled out to reveal a built-in pocket square for a distinctive look.

Made to measure Dubai provides you the stupendous opportunity to personalize & design your embellishments to the smallest details.

With the recent surge in popularity of pocket squares, here is a guide to mix and match your co-ords to your pocket square.

When & How to don Pocket Squares?

It’s often asked if there is ever a time not to wear pocket square? The answer is not really. Once you become a regular square wearer, not wearing it may appear like leaving the house without your shoes.

Adoring a pocket square is a case of degrees. Here are a top few ways to wear pocket squares to add a touch of quirkiness to your style.

Pocket Square for Conservative appearance: A pocket square that is only a shade or two lighter than your jacket & go for a flat fold is evergreen for a conservative look. A little bit of contrast such as a dark shade with polka dots also goes a long way.

Adoring right Pocket square for all time Black or Grey colored suits: Tonal monochrome shades work well for pocket squares teamed with black or grey suits. Moreover, a puff fold offers a more nonchalant approach to formal dressing than the classic flat fold.

Formal occasions Pocket Squares: A plain white pocket square or a square that is predominantly white with colored edging or light pattern provides a perfect look in all business environments. Not a flamboyant color combination or fold, but a subtle accent works perfectly in the work environment.

Pocket Square Fabric: The purpose of the pocket square is to break the jacket and add some colors, texture & pattern variation to a man’s ensemble. All this is achieved when the fabric of the pocket square differs from that of the suit. For instance, a luxurious woolen suit can be paired with a linen or silk pocket square to add some intrigue to your outfit.

The difference a humble pocket square can add to a relatively simple jacket is adorable. A well-cut suit or jacket certainly makes a strong statement about a man, but to really stand out, it’s your accessories that really make all the difference. Pocket squares are hence deemed ideal establishment for style, sophistication and sometimes even a touch of quirkiness.

So emerge the etiquette and poise that you have imbibed over years with the little yet vital sartorial tool, pocket squares.

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