Stock your Wardrobe with these 5 Must-Have Summer Shirts

Warm weather is here & the sun is blazing. The concept of overlaying the clothes is temporarily on hold until the next fall. The time is perfect to craft your summer collection & wardrobe. While the mercury has taken away the layers, the textures & multitude of fabrics that you loved, are you ready to give some serious consideration to your summer styles?

Dressing well in the scorching hot summers can turn out to be daunting task. Humidity & summer has successfully managed to sneak up on us & brought our personal & tailor made shirts styles to a grinding halt. Then, how are you planning to dress well with style & revamp your wardrobe this summer?

If you are worried & such questions are popping up in your mind, Just Be Spoken is at your rescue. Read on to find some of the new threads that would not only help you in dressing comfortable but also in jazzing up your style.

1). Plain Cuban Collar Shirts: The comeback of the Cuban Collar Shirts was considered as a short-lived fashion trend by many when it came to men’s consciousness few years back. Regardless of what people think & say, the plain Cuban collar shirts have successfully gained a staple reputation in the summer wears for men.

It’s laid-back mien & casual versatility makes it a much-preferred option for holidays, afternoons & evenings. You can pair it up with straight-legged trousers & sneakers. For a more chilled-out appearance, don it with shorts & sandals. You may reach out to an Online tailoring service to get a Cuban tailor made shirts stitched for yourself.

2). Linen Shirts: Your appetite for finest of the textures can turn out to be tricky to appease during summers, but not if you go for “Linen Shirts”.  Yes, Linen is a breezy solution to warmer summer woes. It is a classic & magic summer fabric as it is thin & breathes very well. Incorporate linen made to measure shirts when heat & humidity strikes, or if you are near sand or water. Put on this airy & breathable shirt with chinos or jeans, & believe me, it will be a valuable helper all through the warm weather.

3). Printed Cuban Collar Shirts: While the plain Cuban collar shirts make an excellent & versatile summer shirting option, the printed Cuban tailor made shirts enable you to make an enthralling style statement.

The vibrant printed Cuban collar shirts offer an astounding way of jazzing up the summer outfits. Some of the styles of printed Cuban that are widely worn during summers are beach prints, botanicals & vertical stripes. You may team them up with navy chinos for holiday evenings. You may contact an online tailoring service to get recognizable fitted printed Cuban bespoke shirts.

4). Chambray Shirts: While denim shirts are thick & heavy, chambray shirts are light, comfortable, versatile & imparts good looks.

A lot of men often resist wearing Chambray as donning it can be fiddly, especially with the jeans. However, wearing Chambray can be experimented with denims of quite contrast shades. Else, swap your jeans with chinos of lighter-shades such as beige, off-white or stone colors.

5). Madras Shirts: Madras Shirts are known for their bring colors & checked designs. These are named after lightweight Indian cloth that gave the shirts its trademark breathability. However, these shirts cannot be worn by everyone for certain.

This vibrant shirt style is a beguiling summer piece that men often find hard to pull off. The key to make this shirt leave an ever-lasting impression on others is to know how to nail these statement shirts. Team it up with minimal staples of a colored palette to galvanize your mien.

Donning these summer tailor made shirts is a great way of bringing forth your distinctiveness & originality. Stock your wardrobe with these cool shirts this summer & beat the heat with style.

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