Tailored Wedding Suits | Flaunt your Flamboyance with Tailor Made Bespoke Suit

Weddings are a great occasion to exult in the exuberance & don ostentatiously. Whatever you wear must inflict a unique empowering feel. It is a style statement that reflects your personality & reveals your identity. Bespoke men’s tailor take pride to construct well tailored wedding suits that are just as amazing on the inside as they are on the outside.

While the contemporary period offers a plethora of clothing alternatives that embarks unparalleled fit and quality. However, the conventional wisdom stakes on a formal novel wear that brings out the best in you.

The day you graduated from your high school, your first job and later, your promotions were all major milestones. However, none were as public as your wedding day. While there’s no denying the fact that the bride will anyways steal the spotlight, the groom is just as important as you will be sharing the spotlight with her.

So, it’s indispensable that you step out in style on your big day!

Wedding Tuxedo in Dubai

Wedding Tuxedos: The go-to option for formal weddings

Dressing for a wedding is a toilsome subject especially for men. While options for ladies are myriad, men will mostly have to do with suits. Thankfully, suits have evolved overtime ! The responsibility falls on you to decide the right one.

If you ask us, we would say :

If in a men’s wardrobe, all the clothing items were assigned feudal hierarchies, the tuxedo would probably be king.

Conceived in the sartorial revolution of the early 19th century, tuxedos have since become a fashion staple. Deemed as the opulent cousin of suits, Mens wedding tuxedos spell upper crust in a way that is unprecedented by any other menswear garment.

With more men are opening up to the idea of owning one, the common queries are:

1. Whether to rent, buy or go for custom made wedding suits.

2. How does one style a tuxedo

Buying or renting a tuxedo may seem an easier option, but a tailor made bespoke suit is sure to offer more choice in fabric and give the groom a suit with a perfect fit.

The secret behind good quality & well-fit clothing lies in its construction.Tailored wedding suits, designed with its exquisite detail and luxurious fabrics, offers a unique empowering feel with perfect comfort.

How does one style a wedding tuxedo?

Adoring a tailored wedding suit without the right styling elements renders it incomplete. Here’s wedding tuxedo styling checklist:

Wedding tuxedo Accessories


Earlier, tuxedos were closely associated with Black & White.In recent years, bolder colors, creative styles & fashionable suits have replaced the staid look. The most distinguished colors for tuxedos are black & midnight blue. You can also experiment with jewel tones like garnet, white and sapphire blue.


1. Bow ties – Your neck wear has a great impact on your wedding outfit. Bow ties are favorable choice for a formal wedding. You can do it in different styles to add some flavor to your look. For Instance you can design your bow ties in the following patterns-Diamond Wedding Bow Tie, Butterfly Bow Tie, Batwing bow tie etc.

2. Pocket squares – For wedding tuxedos to look good, pocket square is a must. The primary concern of adoring a pocket square is its colour. You can play around with interactive colours to match with your attire& stand out in the crowd.

3. Cummerbunds –These are optional. The main idea behind wearing it is to conceal the waist. It should be worn with the pleats facing up.It is conventional to match its colour with your bow tie.

4. Studs and cufflinks – Cufflinks are an alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs.Tuxedo shirt plackets usually have studs. Complimenting your cufflinks with it is therefore deemed necessary for an impeccable look.

Bespoke men’s tailors strive to change how men perceive fashion. Their latest cutting-edge technology & ideal craftsmanship create unimpeachable Tailored Wedding Suits that embark unparalleled fit and quality. It is believed that impeccable fit &premium quality provides a revolutionary alternative to the clutter of cookie-cutter styles & ill-fitting available in the market in today’s scenario.

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