Three-piece Bespoke Suit | A gift to regal styling

Whenever an occasion arrives, there is always need for a bespoke suit. Not only to show-off but also to feel ‘royal’! Though it’s just a word still the royal feel comes from a suit that fits your silhouette entirely and gives you a gentleman’s stature.

The bespoke suits can be of many types- ‘the One’ that should be preferred most is the three-piece bespoke suit. Apart from displaying a retro look it adds up decency and richness to your persona.

Glorify your look with a three piece bespoke suit! But, what is a three-piece bespoke suit?

The finish of the talented (tailor) and garnishing of the best fabric-
Have you ever visited a fine tailoring shop? And have you ever taken a look at the types of suit available with the shop? If you have! We hope for you to have spotted a three-piece bespoke suit.

Well, it will look like a suit your grandpa or may be your dad prefers but, with modifications and talented hands, these old looking suits can be casted into the contemporary fashion style.

A three-piece bespoke suit generally consists of

  1. Blazer, Jacket or Coat
  2. A pair of pants or trousers
  3. Waistcoat

These three elements along with a bespoke shirt can be termed as a three-piece bespoke suit. The only difference here is the waistcoat that has been of varied designs since the mid 19th century. The coat has to be of single-breasted style in order to make the waistcoat visible.

The waistcoat serves two purposes : the first is to provide warmth to the body and the second one is to maintain a v-shape of the gentleman’s stature even when the coat is unbuttoned.

three piece bespoke suit

The three-piece bespoke suits are used by officials for meetings and daily office use as well, in corporate sector. During a cold day in winters, the waistcoat is enough to warm your upper body. Whereas, on a less wintery day you can take your coat off as your waistcoat is there to protect you.

Lapel-style type:

  • Peak-style lapels – This style is common for party-wear suits nowadays. It has peaks which are formed due to the elongated part of the lower part of a notch.
  • Notch-style lapels – This is the standard lapel-style and consists of a triangular notch with both corner sides of same dimensions.
  • Shawl-Style lapels – This is a continuous fabric piece that goes around the neck and lacks notches or peaks.

Coat’s Vent:

The vent on the back of the coat serves a better and mobile fit to the gentleman’s body. There are three types of vent-styles:

  • Single-vent – The traditional cut that has been there since the day people started wearing suits.
  • Double-vent – This is a modern style that has emerged after the 80s following which it has been mostly used in tuxedo-styled suits.
  • No-vent : It is also a modern coat-styling vent-style.
taper style suit for men


From shirt to trousers all the four elements are made in a taper style. This tapered style gives your body a perfect fit and a v-shape stature appears that reminds of the gods.

The customizable three-piece suits are more stylish than others as it gives you a unique look and predefined elegance. The customization can be made to trousers as well by controlling the design of break-style, waist style and cuff style according to your desire. You even have the right to decide whether the buttons on the blazer are to be stitched for working or just show-buttons.

To customize your own suit all you need, is to find the best three-piece bespoke suits’ tailor in Dubai and get yourself the best bespoke suit in Dubai.

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