Unique Cufflinks for the man in Charge!

Unique Cufflinks for the man in Charge!

An exclusive suit requires accessories for that perfect avatar to galvanize! Cufflinks denote power & the desire to rule. A great pair of cufflinks can raise the bar of made to measure suits to new heights. That’s it! Let’s blend the perfect cufflinks for Bespoken Suit.

Cufflinks count among the versatile men’s fashion accessories that can add a touch of glamour & mastery. These custom-made accessories integrate precious stones, metals, leather and are often inspired by the themes like flowers, animals & nature. Cufflinks can fit any occasion, with its wide variety ranging from classic to a spirited one!

Invigorate your look with these elegant accoutrements that match your made to measure suit & embrace the boss-like mentality by sticking to the sophisticated shapes & materials of cufflinks.


Cufflinks are a pair of linked studs used to fasten the shirt cuffs together. Prominently worn with the French cuff, cufflinks are fashion accessory that’s both functional and ornamental.

Cufflinks Rock! They look absolutely amazing and add great charm & quality to an Alpha’s attire! They reflect pride elegance and sophistication. If you are an eccentric at heart, let the people know by flashing a pair of alluring cufflinks with made to measure suits.

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Evolution of Cufflinks:

Though cufflinks originated in 16th century; it could not gain much importance until 18th century. By the end of the middle Ages, the visible areas of shirt became the sites of decorative items such as frills & embroidery. The cuffs were held together with ribbons and frills would hang down around the wrist.

Towards the end of the 18th century, the ribbons were replaced by a button or a connected pair of buttons. The collars and cuffs covering became sturdier. Soon the colored cufflinks made from gemstones became the fashion norm for the men in the middle and upper classes. In 19th century, Prince of Wales, Edward VII contributed in popularizing the colorful Faberge cufflinks & by this time cufflinks became a fashion accessory for men in Britain and the U.S.

The era of 1980s marked great revival in the conservative male dress and the trend of traditional cufflinks has continued till this day! These elegant trappings still provide a hike of modern & unexpected aptitude to your cuffs.

Facts about Cufflinks:

Cufflinks are manufactured from a variety of materials like gemstones, leather, metal, glass, silk, stones or a combination of these.

Different cufflinks for different occasions: Traditional etiquette dictates that gold cufflinks should be worn during day time while the silver counterparts should be saved for evening attire. In the same way, colorful cufflinks are best suited for the gentleman with utmost confidence and not for the faint-hearted.


Coordination is the key to wear perfect cufflink: To achieve a polished and elegant look, it is important to match the cufflink with other jewelry or metal accessories like wrist watch, ring, tie & belt buckle.

Ribbon & Laces were once used as Cufflinks: The men’s shirts did not have buttons at the end of their cuffs during 17th century. Before the cufflinks became popular, men would often use laces & ribbons to hold the end of their sleeves together.

7 Different types of Cufflinks: While the cufflinks may surface to be less diverse piece of jewelry, there are seven different types of cufflinks in fact, demarcated on the basis of color, closure, material, shape & style.

The irresistible glamour makes these cufflinks simply irreplaceable in bespoke suit online!

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