Waistcoat for Men’s | To Dress Sharp & Be Remembered

No tailor made bespoke suit is complete without a waistcoat. However unfortunately, the sartorial prowess of waistcoat is often overlooked or fiercely ignored.

Analysis shows that most of the men keep their waistcoats wrapped & tucked away in the corner of their wardrobe.  They keep bespoke suits reserved only to be worn on weddings & other formal occasions.

While men’s fashion now-a-days is advancing towards a more relaxed one; the corporate dress codes have began losing their importance. Creative Offices are thriving & preferring business-casual dress codes. Occasions to don bespoke suits today are few!

waistcoat for men

The Demand of the Modern Waistcoat

Regardless of the facts mentioned above, we know that there are moments in everybody’s life where dressing sharp is indispensable. The compatibility & stature offered by a classic three-piece tailor made bespoke suit & tie can render you that all-important & galvanized look for important presentations, job interviews, business meetings & at formal events.

The elegant three-piece bespoke suit was made popular by the style icons of 1930s namely Duke of Windsor and Fred Astaire. Gladly, the waistcoat for men’s has made an intriguing comeback. Thanks to England Manager Gareth Southgate! He deserves all the credit for bringing the waistcoats back to the fore-front of the style agenda.

The versatility of waistcoat for men’s has transformed it to a sartorial staple. It can effortlessly beat all the dress-codes & occasions. This classic piece of a bespoke suit can be worn as an alternative to jackets in summers & to add layers to a formal look in winters.

How to wear a Waistcoat?

According to an analysis on the Bespoke Fashion, the waistcoat for men’s is one of the most commonly mis-worn garments! Therefore, we have carefully compiled a list of rules that will help you master putting on this little-worn piece of formalwear gracefully.

1).The golden rule of putting on the waistcoat is to leave the last button undone. Failing to do so may take all your efforts you spent in matching the tie & polishing your shoes down the drain. Do not be an amateur.

2).The second rule of wearing a waistcoat is to ensure that it is not too short. Get the fit of your waistcoat right. Waistcoats, traditionally, are worn till the height of the belly-button.

Since the trousers worn these days are considerably lower, hence you are suggested to get the length right & avoid revealing your shirt.

3). Nothing is worse than putting a waistcoat others have used & worn before you. Therefore, avoid renting a waistcoat! The waistcoats commonly rented these days for weddings & other formal occasions might not impart a sharp & galvanized look to you. In addition to that, they do not look good!

4). Get you Tailor made bespoke suit accessories ready in advance before slipping into your waistcoat.

5). Lastly, make a style statement by getting your bespoke suit online stitched from a reliable online tailoring service.

Get dressy with your own three-piece bespoke suit! Do not follow trends; create one of your own!

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