Your First Bespoke Suit | Here’s All That You Need to Know

Dressing Sharp is going to be great asset for you at all times, regardless of the role that you play in the society. And, one of the finest ways to look sharp & galvanized is to don a bespoke suit.

A Bespoke Suit is a timeless choice of the man of utmost valor & confidence. It is an integral part of a gentleman’s fashion & style who desires to stand out of the crowd. It not only adds a touch of glamour & elegance to a man’s attire but also has the ability to make a man feel like a king.

If case you are planning to get a bespoke suit online stitched, you are at the right place. We have drafted a comprehensive guide to help you with everything that you need to know about custom tailoring & tailor made suits for men.

Let us kick-start the sartorial expedition-

Bespoke for men

Understanding Bespoke Tailoring & Bespoke Suit

The term “Bespoke” is often misunderstood as a seal of sophistication or used to justify a high price tag for the quality of the . The truth – bespoke is something exclusively crafted JUST FOR YOU.

The Bespoke Suits are designed & created not just around your size, but also according to your morphology (shape & specific measurements). It is often considered as the second skin & the lavish garment that brings your personal panache to the fore.

Custom made suits online enables you to bring out your originality & uniqueness as you get to select the key features of your suit such as color, fabric & pattern of the material, pocket design and cuff shape of your suit.

Let us now understand various degrees of suit tailoring.

Know the Difference: Bespoke, Made to Measure & off the rack

1). Bespoke Suit: Bespoke suits are crafted according to the client’s specifications & measurements. It does not take reference from any pre-existing design or pattern. Every aspect of the suit such as the fabric, color & pattern is decided by the client. Custom Tailoring experts cut the piece for the bespoke suit & stitch it with hands.  

2). Made to Measure Suit: Made to measure suitsare extracted from pre-existing designs & patterns. These suits are crafted partially in advance & then made to fit as per the client’s measurements. However, the client is permitted to make certain key decisions before the suit can be sewn to his specific measurements.

3). Off-the-rack or Ready-to-wear Suit: An off-the-rack or ready-made suit refers to the pre-stitched suit available in the stores, malls or shopping outlets. People are conventional to ready-made suits for some honest reasons: costs, consultations & endless style choices. However, the compatibility & galvanized look offered by a made to measure suit or bespoke suit online has no match for the fit offered by an off-the-peg suit.

Why Choose Bespoke? What makes them Special?

  • Bespoke Suits impart a recognizable perfect fit to you.
  • It brings out your personal flamboyance to the fore.
  • It improves your overall appearance as it evens out all the personal quirks of posture & stature.
  • It offers longevity. Yes, a bespoke suit online is meant to endure. While bespoke suit requires a hefty outlay, it also determines value for money in the long run.
  • You get to select your preferred fabric from an exclusive range of opulent materials.
  • It enables you to bring out your creativity & uniqueness as you get to select various chief features of the suit as Color, collar design, pattern, pocket shape, type of suit & matching stripes.

How to Choose the Right Tailor –

Men now-a-days are drifting towards the online tailoring service as made to measure clothes online are carefully crafted with the techniques that personalize the garment even to the minutest of the details. And, a myriad of custom made tailoring experts have started offering their services online in order to reach a large number of clients.

Selecting the right tailor for bespoke suit online from the ocean of many can turn out to be a daunting task.

Here are few things that you must consider while selecting a tailor. A good & experienced tailor deeply cares about their products used in tailoring. The tailor will most likely have a specialization. He will be interested in knowing about your preferred designs & styles.

The tailor will take a lot of measurements in order to ensure designing a suit exactly according to your body shape & specific measurements. These may include neck, waist, right & left sleeves, front & back chest, bicep, full chest, hips, wrist, half shoulder, full shoulder, out seam, inseam, crotch, thigh, knee, half shoulder & full shoulder.

Bespoke Suit Styles that you may choose from include American, Saville Row, Italian and Athletic.

Conclusion: Be Patient

Please note that getting a bespoke suit online stitched takes a considerable amount of time & you can rush the process of bespoke tailoring. A Bespoke Suit is worth the wait for a few days.

Secondly, look at the brighter side. Next time you need to get a made to measure or bespoke suit stitched, the tailor will have all your measurements & specifications in his backup. He will not need your measurements unless you have put on or lose weight! By now, you must be well-equipped to embark on a sartorial expedition to Get a perfect bespoke suit online crafted. Then, what are you waiting for, contact a reliable online tailoring service to get a made to measure suit crafted.

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